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Meet The Team:
Bichhanh (Hannah) Bui



- 2024 - 2019 Super Laywers

- 2018, 2017, 2016 Super Lawyers     Rising Star

- 2024 - 2014 Pasadena Top    


Certified Family Law Specialist

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Attorney Bichhanh (Hannah) Bui is dedicated to providing each and every one of her clients with a high level of professionalism along with compassion and understanding of the emotional issues involved in divorce and custody cases and such matters as annulment, child support, spousal support, grandparent rights, and paternity evaluations. Attorney Bui meets with every client and handles every aspect of their case from the initial filing, through child custody, support issues, property division, to the final judgment. She remains available to help with any post-divorce modification matters.

Attorney Bui understands the need to tailor her services to each of her client's specific needs as each case and each client are different. She is committed to the practice of family law and to help clients work to resolve disputes effectively with minimal cost. Her career in family law remains motivated by a desire to work directly with clients and devise solutions that can address legal problems of daily life. Attorney Bui works hard to help the client reach an amicable resolution in to their family matter to avoid any residual scarring that a contested case will leave on the family as a whole. With this being said she will not hesitate to litigate any case when necessary to protect the interest of her clients.

In addition, to the practice of family law, Attorney Bui also helps individuals and families plan for the future through wills and trusts. By creating an estate plan using these documents, the client can designate beneficiaries and plan asset distribution, giving them more control over their estate.

She graduated from the University of California, Riverside in 2004 earning a B.S in biology and B.A in political science. Immediately thereafter she attended Whittier College School of Law earning a J.D. in May 2004. She passed the California State Bar after her first attempt and began practicing as an attorney in December 2004.

Immediately after passing the bar Ms. Bui was hired as an associate attorney in Orange County practicing family law, personal injury, wills and trust and immigration. Being bilingual in Vietnamese and English, Attorney Bui represented numerous Vietnamese clients from Little Saigon and its surrounding areas. After several years of practice in Orange County she moved to Los Angeles, California where she again worked as an associate focusing a majority of her time on family law. Here Attorney Bui represented clients with vast backgrounds and cultures in their family law matters. In January 2011, Ms. Bui opened her own law office in Pasadena, California.

Attorney Bui is currently an active member of the Pasadena Bar Association, Los Angeles Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. She is a member of the family section of each association. In addition, Attorney Bui volunteers for the Domestic Violence Project located at the downtown court house in Los Angeles to help with the less fortunate obtain restraining orders.

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